Remote Access Protocol (Looking for link to document)

I’m trying to decode these RAP messages and I’m having no luck finding the packet document that describes how they’re encoded. For example:


If possible I’d rather reference the original packet document then spend a day or two reverse engineering it and then having to publish the format for future users.

All help is always appreciated.

Hi @ericc,
Sierra supports ALEOS for RV/MP/GX series and oMG for MG90. Which gateway are you using? On the Aleos devices, they support the log with debug level. You can configure it as the screenshot

View and download log here

Where do you capture RAP message from?

Sorry for delay in responding… The report I’m talking about is generated by the setting shown below and is sent to your server as defined in the server 1 setting.

This is a packet that starts with (0xE1) and is 45 bytes in length… What I’m looking for is how to decode that packet… I’ve managed to pull some parts of the packet out but some are still unknown.

My server is also receiving a (0xF1) packet which I have no idea what that is.

Somewhere there is a document that spells out these packets… Does anyone know where that information is?


Hi @ericc,
The RAP messages are in hex and are referred to by their message ID. Reports can include location data alone, as well as location data with the date and time, radio fre-quency data, radio status information, and I/O state changes, and power state changes. For an example, see Location RAP Report Sequence Example on
page 292 on the document link. For more information, contact your Sierra Wireless Sales representative for information on how to obtain a copy of the RAP Protocol Guide