"No xml formating yet for MSCI 10438"


After upgrading to firmware v4.9.3 on my RV50 the UDP status updates no longer get sent. The logfile shows:

Nov 21 00:48:23 err ALEOS_EVENTS_dpRptGen: No xml formating yet for MSCI 10438
Nov 21 00:48:23 err ALEOS_EVENTS_dpRptSend: IPStsUpdaterHandler::handleReportMsg: Sending report to server failed for 9 reason Invalid argument

I’ve looked around to see if anyone else has experienced a similar issue but found nothing. Any ideas?

XML Status Message Breakdown

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The status updates are an important part of my application, and I have to find a solution to this problem. Downgrading the firmware is not an option. Grateful for any help!


I had already searched the Internet at large, and the Sierra Wireless documentation, for “MSCI 10438” and “10438” without finding anything remotely relevant, but in desperation I thought I’d take a look in the web interface source code as well (I already figured out that “MSCI ####” refers to a config parameter of some sort) - lo and behold, I think I found it, on the “Status” page:

<table id="TB_256_Status_Home_" width="100%">
            <td class="sg">
                <p class="thBg" onclick="ctxt(this)">[-] General</p>
                <table id="TB_256_Status_Home_General_" width="100%" align="left">
                        <tr id="sts-10438" class="alt" style="display: table-row;">
                            <td class="f"></td>
                            <td class="h" title="Current Interface">Network Interface</td>
                            <td id="10438" class="i"><label>Cellular</label><select name="10438" onblur="onBE(this);" onfocus="setPrevVal(this);" onchange="showHideTablesOnChange(this);" style="visibility: hidden;" title="1">
                                    <option value="0">None</option>
                                    <option value="1">Cellular</option>
                                    <option value="2">Wi-Fi</option>
                                    <option value="3">Ethernet</option>
    <input id="TIME_256_Status_Home_" type="hidden" value="11/23/2018 3:25:27 PM">
    <input id="T_G_256_Status_Home_" type="hidden" value="301,12004,12011,12012,259,10438,1154-d1,272,10298-d1,5031-d1,5030-d1,1082-d1,1083-d1,12005,12006,1091-d1,1136-d1,2753-d1">

So it would seem my troubles relate to a missing XML definition in the report template for the “Network Interface” (or rather, “Current Interface”) parameter. How can I fix this?

Edit 181129: I have now tried, somewhat desperately, to fix this by doing a factory reset of our RV50 - alas, it changed nothing, and the problem remains the same.


I have the same issue. ALEOS 4.9.3. Same messages in the log file.

@JBodlander, have you found a solution?

edit: I just upgraded to ALEOS 4.11.2 and the problem appears to be fixed.


@foxxy Thanks for your post - I was getting rather frustrated by the total silence! I have not found a solution, but it sounds like you have! Look forward to trying 4.11.2; alas, I am remote at present, and don’t dare doing a FW upgrade in case the link doesn’t come back up…


By the way, do you know how to intepret the fields from the status update? Some are self explanatory but others are not. I couldn’t find anything in the manual. And is it possible configure the router to send other fields?

For anybody curious, here is what an update looks like:

      <grp id="257">
        <sts id="259">Network Ready</sts>
        <sts id="10438">2</sts>
        <sts id="260">10762</sts>
        <sts id="261">-125</sts>
        <sts id="262"/>
        <sts id="263">0</sts>
        <sts id="264">UMTS</sts>
        <sts id="305">3G</sts>
        <sts id="265">DCD: LOW DTR: LOW DSR: HIGH CTS: HIGH RTS: LOW </sts>
        <sts id="266">27.11</sts>
        <sts id="267">0</sts>
        <sts id="268">2</sts>
        <sts id="269">16</sts>
        <sts id="270">457</sts>
        <sts id="273">6</sts>
        <sts id="274">0</sts>
        <sts id="275">0</sts>
        <sts id="276">0</sts>
        <sts id="277">0</sts>
        <sts id="278">0</sts>
        <sts id="279">2337</sts>
        <sts id="280">574268</sts>
        <sts id="281">0</sts>
        <sts id="282">0</sts>
        <sts id="283">0</sts>
        <sts id="284">0</sts>
        <sts id="301"></sts>
        <sts id="302">2292</sts>


Yes, some of them I’ve managed to figure out, see XML Status Message Breakdown. I don’t think it’s possible to change the contents of the status updates, other than through a firmware update.


Thanks @JBodlander