XM1210 with custom 1PPS


We are currently designing a board with an XM1210 GPS module on it in replacement of a previous model which is EOL. This model is also a matter of convenience since we use it on other boards. However, according to the datasheet, the 1PPS signal on this model is only active after being 3D fixed, which will end up raising an alarm in our software if for some reason we loose the 3D_Fix, hence the 1PPS.

Is it possible to order these devices with a custom firmware which would always output a 1PPS signal? It would save us from reprogramming the software which we don’t have the ownership. Thanks a lot in advance.

Have a great day and take care.

Hi @jf.rose,

Following the offical document “AirPrime - XM1210 - Product Technical Specification - Rev3.0.pdf” on page source.sierrawireless.com, the XM1210 generates a-pulse-per-second signal (1 PPS) after 3D fixed.
So if you want a custom firmware for your XM1210 module which would always output a 1PPS signal even if your module looses the 3D_Fix, you should contact your distributor and they will consider with this case.