Information how to implement A-GPS

We are using XM1210 GNSS module. We would like to implement A-GPS/GNSS. In XM1210 documentation there is zero information how to do it. Can anyone point in direction where we can find necessary information and tools needed to use A-GPS.

Hi andis.jargans,

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Please refer to pages 18-20 in AirPrime - GNSS Tool - User Guide - Rev6.0.pdf for AGNSS.

Thank you. I am looking for how to implement it on an embedded system, without using Windows utility. I understand how to upload data to moduel usign AT commands.
Currently issue is getting from where and how to download AGNSS data from some server.

I see that it requires some account to access Sierra wireless AGNSS FTP server. Can everyone use the default account shown in that utility, without restrictions ? Or if we want our custom products to use this server, we need our own account ?

Hi andis.jargans,

Please contact your distributor for the account to access Sierra wireless AGNSS FTP server.

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