XM1110 usart protocol



I’ve salvaged two XM1110 modules from a pair of radiosondes but I’m not able to communicate with them.

According to the datasheet the modules default to 9600bps and NMEA protocol but I’ve tried virtually all meaning baud rates with no success.

I’ve probed TXO with my oscilloscope and it’s spitting some form of data at about 38400 (guessed) bps which seem to repeat every second.

Is there another protocol the modules can talk? Can’t find it in the datasheet.

Is there a procedure to revert it to factory settings.

Thank you very much.


It actually is 38400 8n1, but it seem to be a binary protocol.

I can issue some commands from the “Series Software User Guide” and the modules acknowledges them, I’ve managed to enable NMEA output but the binary junk is still there.

I can’t find any reference to the binary protocol format in the documentation.

Any help will be appreciated.