Airprime XA1210 default baud rate

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I was happily using Airprime XA1100 Modules in my products so far. As I had to recently learn, these are EOL and thus I switched to the Airprime XA1210 Modules. However, these have a different default baud rate for serial communication (XA1100 used 9600 Baud, XA1210 has 115200 by default).
While the manual mentions that the new module also supports other baud rates, it does not detail how this can be set.
Does anyone have any details about how to change the default baud rate for the XA1210 Modules?

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Hi @astromi ,
Please refer the document for the software user guide for XA1210 module. Changing baudrate is described in page 14 & 15
The example will like below

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Dear @Vianney

Thanks very much for this information! I haven’t realized that there’s also a software manual for the module.
Looking at the PDF, however it raises a few more questions

  • What baud rate do I have to use to communicate with the module? Since 115200 is the default rate, can I send a command to change to 9600 using 9600 baud? Or can that command only be sent using 115200 baud?
    My board can only use a baud rate lower than 38400 to communicate with the module, so if I have to use 115200 to tell it to switch to 9600 baud, I won’t be able to do that…
  • Is this persisted somewhere in the module, or do I have to set this each time the module is powered off/on?

I don’t have the module at hand right now so I can’t test this unfortunately…

Thank you again!
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Hi @astromi ,
The document mentions that the module support below baudrate including value you wish
You can refer to baudrate setting section page #14 for example detail
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