Set XA1110 to 10hz

I bought from you 6pcs of XA1110, they came configured set to 115,200 bps from the default 9600bps, I’ve put a battery at the output of VBACKUP lithium3V and with the commands i can configure the gps to 10hz but after i turn it off it goes back to 1hz, please send me a firmware with which i can permanently set it to 10hz without it going back to 1hz. This happens to all 6 GPSes i bought from you.


Could you please provide more details about the way you change the NMEA output rate and also the FW version? Thanks.

I used the command: $PMTK220,100*2F; but tried setting through “MiniGPS” and “GPS-viewer_ v1.7”… After that the NMEA data starts running at 10hz but after turning the power off it resets back to 1hz, 8pin VBACKUP is powered at 3V from a lithium battery, but the data isnt saved in the static RAM, all 6 GPSes I tried flashing with firmware from your site, version UART-I2C but there’s no change, maybe there’s a hard coded configuration forbidding VBACKUP?


PMTK command does not save configuration into flash. Please use PGCMD command if you want to retain your setting. You can check PGCMD,233 to see if this meet your requirement.

I tried the command $PGCMD,233,3*5D through RealTerm GPS and it got to 10hz but after removing the power supply it’s again back to 1hz, isn’t there a firmware that can hard set it to 115200/10hz?


The FW version you use should be working for saving the setting.

Please use following command to set the NMEA output to 10Hz.

If command accepted, you will see the following response.

It worked !!