Restart and Power-On by command

I like to us the part XA1100 in one of our design. I need aconfirmation for the below querries
Is XA1100 support restart through AT commands
Is XA1100 support Power-On /Off through AT commands
In order to set XA1100 to output NMEA data at Baud rate of 115200 by default is it sufficient to pull down BR pin through a 10KOhm Resistor?
Rejeesh S Raj

Hi Rejeesh,

below feedback regarding your questions:

  1. Restart through AT commands:
    You could use various MTK NMEA commands to:
    hot start - $PMTK10132
    warm start - $PMTK102
    or cold start - $PMTK103*30
    the GPS. You could also refer to the Software User Guide available from The Source for more details:

  2. You can only put the GPS in sleep mode using MTK NMEA command - $PMTK161,0*28. Again refer to the Software User Guide for more details.

  3. Yes, you could use a 10K resister to ground to select 115200 baud.