WS6318 refuses to go to sleep with RTS1 tied to CTS1


We have a problem with WS6318, L30 firmware revision.

The module is connected via 2-wire UART configuration: DTR1 is tied to DSR1, and RTS1 is tied to CTS1.

The module works quite well, except we cannot make it to go to Sleep Idle mode. AT+IFC=0,0 and AT+PSSLEEP=1,5 commands are given. Both return OK end result codes. The power consumption remains the same as in Active Idle mode (~26 mA).

We’ve checked for obvious reasons (like noise in module’s UART RX) and found nothing serious so far. Looking the issue up resulted in one post on this forum and one other post on our local EDA boards, claiming the very same problem which was solved by detaching RTS1 from CTS1.

The question is - could it be so? My current hardware has RTS connected to CTS in a very unfortunate fashion - I can’t even cut the trace. Worse, I have no development kit ready, too. If RTS-CTS connection should have no effect on module’s behaviour after issuing AT+IFC=0,0 command, then what could be possible reason?

Thanks, and good day.

Can you share us your schematic and a snap shot of your hardware?
Also please note, the current consumption for sleep mode takes only into consideration the main power supply for WS6318, not the power supplies of the other devices. So, you should disassociate the supply to power the WS6318, and the supply of the other devices (if any).