Ws6318 flow control

Hello Dear friends
I want use ws6318 with xmega microcontroller
i connected microcontroller TXD to ws6318 RXD and microcontroller RXD to ws6318 TXD.
but ws6318 dont respond.
how can i set control flow to none,
are it needed to connected= RTS , CTS , DTR ,DSR also?

how i set parity bit?(datasheet said that parity is space)
thanks for your help.


If you don’t have enough pins on your micro, you might get away with setting up a ‘loop-back’ connection on the ws6318.

On the WS6318, connect CTS to RTS and DSR to DTR (and possibly CDC). Leave TxD and RxD connected to your micro.

Note that your micro will have to be able to handle the full data rate on the serial port, as the ws6318 will believe that it is always enabled to send data.

ciao, Dave