How to enter sleep mode

hello,I have a question about how to enter sleep mode when 2-wire serial interface hardware design

I think it is possible with +PSSLEEP command with mode 1.
Please refer to AT cmd guide for info.

First of all, thank you for your reply.I have configurated it with AT+PSSLEEP=1,10.However ,it still can’t enter Sleep Mode.How to solve this problem?

Thanks for update and sorry to hear that…
Could you please specify which WS module and FW version running?

Also, are you using live network/SIM for testing?


WS module :WS6318
FW version running:L30.1_00gg.ws6318 140312
I use live SIM for testing and use 2-wire serial interface .
I have configurated WS6318 module with AT+IFC=0,0 and AT+PSSLEEP=1,10.

I just tested my WS6318 L31 on socket up board with 2wires UART on live network, not serious test setup but it can achieve sleep mode power consumption.

And for info, I have to disable UART level shifter on board as it shares same power source.

Are you testing on Sierra’s socket up board or on your application?
If you have chance to test using full UART also? We can observe the CTS signal drop as indication for entering sleep mode so easier for testing.


I’m testing it on application.Now I can’t test the CTS signal .
Could you tell me how to configurate it with AT commonds?
Can recieve a call when the WS6318 module into sleep mode?

For 2 wires test, I just sent below
(I also sent save and reset command but not really necessary)

Yes, but as mentioned, when I disabled UART level shifter to get min power consumption, I won’t receive “RING” immediately during incoming call.
Instead, I can observe the raise in current draw when alerting, then I enable the level shifter, “RING” appears and I can accept/drop the call as normal.
Still, this applies to my test setup.

Also, I forgot to mention, for the power drop, it may not happens sharply in 10 sec of idle (when we configure +PSSLEEP=1,10), it may takes 1-2sec more for module to finish it’s task before actually enter sleep.

It maybe network issue that some tasks in module still ongoing so it cannot sleep?
Can you wait longer and use other network SIM (or simulator) to test?
Does issue happens on differnet HW?


How do you know WS6318 into sleep mode ? with testing the CTS or testing the current?
I observe the current of the WS6318 module to determine whether it goes into sleep mode. I do as you say,but the current of the WS6318 module still has no change.

Can I just ask if I dial the device (with WS6318 module and a SIM card embedded) when WS6318 module is in sleep mode using a mobilephone, what information can be heard from the microphone? Thanks!

WS6318 will be alerted and mobile phone which call WS6318 should hear “RING”, “RING”.
On WS6318, you could see power consumption raised and it will send “RING” indication to host.

How much is the working current of the WS6318 module when it is in sleep mode on your device?
And how much is the current of full-power mode ?

Sorry to come back late.

For power consumption measurement, please refer to table 53 on PTS:

My test done is kind of causal, for example, I am using dev.kit with live network SIM whereas the environment is not well controlled and value must be higher than the spec, still I am getting ~7mA in sleep mode.

There are also some tips to get lower power consumption in PTS section 6.3.

What’s the current draw in your case?
Does issue happens on multiple modules? Or if you can get one dev.kit to test?
Any advice from your distributor?

Hope this helps.