WP7607 use sdk with SMS API that get error

I want to use SMS function with SDK, but the return “Invalid/unknown QMI command specified” as figure.

How can I use this function? Or this SDK can’t support WP7607?

SDK version 04.00.19

My module information :


Hi @alberthuang

This issue has also been reproduced with the latest SDK SLQS04.00.23 on WP7607, Ubuntu 18.04.2. It is returned “Invalid/unknown QMI command specified”.

You can use SMS_Application in SampleApps for SMS function with SDK on WP7607.

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root@ubuntu-OptiPlex-3010:/home/ubuntu/Documents/Driver/SLQS04.00.23.bin/SampleApps/SMS_Application# sudo ./bin/SMSSampleApphostx86_64 ../../build/bin/hostx86_64/slqssdk 

Unable to find device..

Please select one of the following options or press <Enter> to exit:
1. Register CallBack
2. Send SMS
3. Read SMS
4. Delete SMS
5. Execute Automated Tests for SMS Encoding Decoding
Option: 2
Enter mobile number with <Country Code Digits> followed by ENTER KEY:
Enter the message format(0 for CDMA, 6 for GSM/WCDMA) followed by <Enter> key:

Enter the encoding scheme for message format GSM/WCDMA(0 for default 7Bit, 4 for 8 Bit, 8 for UCS2 Encoding ) followed by <Enter> key:
Enter the message to send followed by the <Enter> key

Enter the SMS is Over IMS (0 for default Not Specify , 1 for SMS Not on IMS, 2 for SMS on IMS ) followed by <Enter> key:
Send SMS Successful

Hi Donald,

Thank you with your reply. I need SmsSetStorage function,but SMS_Application didn’t suport it …