WP7607 integration in Android11

Hello @all,

I am working on android11 and i want to integrate wp7607 module . Can i use the android 10 RIL source for Android 11 too? Please let me know

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Hi @shamiullah.m ,
Android RIL is not supported on WP7607. You can review the other products for more choice. RC7620 might be help. Please take a look details at the link.


Hi @LemonGreen,
I have found one document Processing: AirPrime - Android RIL Integration Guide - Rev2.0.pdf…
In the document it is mentioned that android RIL supports wp7xxx series. Is the information provided is wrong? Please let me know

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Hi @shamiullah.m ,
I think the document should be updated. According to the technical specifications of the module on official page, Android RIL is not supported. You can refer to the below links for comparison
EM7565 which is supported Android RIL

WP7607 which is not supported Android RIL

Let focus on system drivers: