Android 9.0 RIL Release Note


i am missing the Android 9.0 RIL Release Note,-d-,0-ril-release-note-9,-d-,0,-d-,4,-d-,0/

I logged in, but i can’t see any file.

To make it short: I wanted to check whether the HL7650 is supported by Android 9 RIL and which firmware is needed.
I already checked the Android 8 Release Notes, but it isn’t listed there.

Does anyone have more information?

Thanks in advance…

I don’t think HL7650 is supported in RIL SDK.

What about the WP7608 module? Is it supported with android 9 RIL?

Do you mean HL7618? Because HL7608 is not listed on the SierraWireless Website, i can’t find any information about it…
The HL7618 ist listed in Android 8 RIL Release notes, so it should be supported in AN9

Yes, I think WP7608 is supported in Android 9 RIL

Yes you are right. We now got the release notes and it is not listed there.
But on their website: Embedded Software -> System Drivers -> Android RIL
So this description is just wrong.