X86_64 RIL binaries for Android 9

It seems that Android 9 binaries for x86_64 don’t exist on source.sierrawireless.com. I only found x86_64 binaries for Android 8.1 but not for Android 9.0

Anyone knows where can I find those binaries for x86_64?

Hi varun.chitre15 ,

According to Sierra Wireless Android RIL V9.0.10.0 ARM 64 Release Note
Version added support to the ARM 32 Hikey platform
You can get Android 9.0 RIL Release Note here Android 9.0 RIL Release Note

Android RIL version has not been published on source.sierrawireless.com

All Android RIL versions have been published here Android RIL Software

Please contact your distributor or submit “Contact Us” on SierraWireless.com for support in this case.

Hi Donald,

Thanks for your response. I am not looking for ARM 32-bit binaries, I’m looking for x86_64 binaries which I could not find over there. I can only see ARM64 binaries for Android 9. Are x86_64 Android 9 binaries not released?

Hi varun.chitre15,

No Android 9 x86_64 binaries are published.