RIL Support for EM9191

Does the RIL support the EM9191? It isn’t listed in the tags.

We would like to use a USB connected EM9191 with an IoT device running Android 7.1.


Hi andy.martin

At this point, I can’t find any information where it says RIL support for EM9191 on
Please refer to page 6 in Android 10.0 RIL Release Note(1.2.2. Supported AirPrime Modules) and Android RIL Integration Guide
Android 10.0 RIL Release Note
Android RIL Integration Guide


Thank you. Do you know when the EM9191 will be supported by the RIL?


Hi andy.martin

No, I don’t. . For an update on when it will be available, please subscribe to the page.