Need to help RC7611 RIL and Integration guide

We received the attached RIL file ( and RIL Integration guide Rev2.0 document (porting guide) through SFDC and delivered them to our customer,but we received an integration guide document that did not match the RIL file data.
Afterwards, we made a re-request, but the same Integration guide(Rev2.0) was sent again.

V10.0.7.0 RIL also informed the customer that it is no longer supported by Sierra wireless.
Please re-check and find Integration guide for V10.0.7.0 RIL so that porting to current V10.0.7.0 RIL may be possible.

If porting to the current RIL version is not possible, there is a high possibility that the project will be dropped, so I am inevitably making a request to this forum, so please help us.

I suggest you to report this in the SFDC ticket
(BTW, I remember this is the only integration guide for the old Android package.)