Request MBPA for RC7611

Request MBPA for RC7611
Also, please refer document to RIL porting.(lastest RIL Intergration Guide)

probably you need to contact distributor to get this

Our company is a SWI distributor.
However, the case opening process at SFDC is slow, so we are requesting it here.
please help us.

we will not publish MBPA in SOURCE website.
You need to contact the FAE directly

How to receive MBPA for RC7611 and document?
our company is Eplus from South Korea.

have you submitted salesforce ticket?
It will be delivered in that channel

we already sent this issue to SFDC(Dareesoft)
our FAE name is Bryan Ryu, please check it.

what is the SFDC number?


Bryan has just updated 5 hours ago…
please continue to follow up there

please check it as soon as possible and feedback to us.
thanks a lot.

which Android version are you using?

our customer using and applying Android 10

MBPA is not supporting Android 10…

From what I checked, RC7630 does not support Android 10.
I understand that RC7611 supports Android 10 ,right?

Our customer (Dareesoft) cannot change Android 10, is there any way to port RIL of Android 10?

Please follow up the discussion in salesforce ticket as there is no need to have duplicate discussion here