HL7588 and Android RIL Integration

What I’m working with:
Android 7.1 running on an ARM7 (32bit)

I am working my way through the Android 7.1 Integration Guide (link to doc) provided by Sierra Wireless and have some questions.

Just so you know where I’m getting these files, I downloaded the Android 7.1 RIL Software package (same link as above, bottom of the page).

Questions so far:

  1. Section 3.1.2
    property_service.cpp sets the default on line 481 in my code to ‘QMI’.
    Should this be ‘HL’ for the HL7588? Or does this even matter?

  2. Section 3.1.2
    I cannot find ‘external/stlport’ and ‘external/dhcpcd’. These are used to build ‘libstlport.so’ and ‘dhcpcd’, libstlport.so has already been copied to my target system, but I cannot find dhcpcd.
    Does it matter this source code is missing? I’m guessing no for libstlport.so, but what about dhcpcd?

  3. Section 3.2.1
    I cannot find either hardware/sierra/* and hardware/core/user_tags.mk.
    What am I suppose to do here?

  4. Section 3.2.2
    My target device is 32bit so I am trying to copy over the files listed in that section, but the only copies of almost all the *.so files are only found in the /lib64 directory in Software package I downloaded from Sierra Wireless. Do I not need them or should I just copy the files that are in the lib64 directory to my target device’s /system/lib folder?

Also in this section, it says:

I have no /system/lib64/. Do I use this 64bit libswigpsat.so even though I am running on a 32bit core?

I went through all the Android RIL Software releases by Sierra Wireless and found that “Android 6.0 RIL Software” has all the lib’s in the system/lib folder so I’m guessing they are 32bit. Should I just use these files for my 32bit question above?

Again in this section, it says:

I cant find dhcpcd, where can I get a copy of this?

Sorry for the long post, this is my 1st time working with Android and it’s RIL.



This problem needs a detailed technical analysis. Please contact your Technical support in SWI to provide you the solution.
you can refer to below mentioned link to get the authorized distributor details.

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I started a similar topic here: Sierra Android RIL 7.0/7.1 arm 32 bit

Who would the distributor in the US that could provide a 32 bit source? DigiKey?