EM7455 + Android


I am trying to integrate EM7455 into our ARM based board running Android. I have copied all the files as specified in the integration document but could not need the WWAN. Also the Sierra Wireless Logs app crashes. I am just wondering if I have missed any file. The document says under 3.2 Android RIL Files & 3.2.1 RIL Source Files

This should be placed in the Android source tree at the specified location. Note that this location is hard-coded in the Android.mk files.

What should be placed inside this hardware/sierra/ ??

Would appreciate if someone can help.

I have the same question for the HL7588, per the integration guide with HL7588 there should be code for hardware/Sierra but I do not see the directory represented in the download of source, would someone please tell me where this source is located?


Did you ever get an answer to your question?
I’m wondering the same thing.