EM7455 Android Driver

Here is my problem, i have a EM7455 Generic Sierra Module with the latest firmware running, connected through an USB M.2 adapter, after a lot of struggle I managed to make it work on Windows 10 and I can now access every functionnality. My goal is to use the module on an Android device that DOES NOT have native 3G/Lte support.

Now how can I install MBPL R32 Drivers to a rooted Android device ? I have downloaded every driver looking for information but it is pretty confusing to me as there is no step-by-step or general information about these Drivers as they are pretty recent.

Thanks for any information.

Android Specs :
Version : Android 10
Processor : RK3399
Kernel Version : 4.4.167+

Mbpl is for linux device, not for android

You need to contact distributor to get the package for android

Thanks for the insight, I thought that MBPL was supposed to replace Android RIL, so there is no Sierra Wireless driver for Android then ? Do you mean the distributor of the EM7455 module or the distributor of the Android OS ?

There is Android RIL package which includes the driver.
You need to contact the distributor of the EM7455 module.

BTW, if you just want to integrate the USB driver, you can take the one in MBPL to your android platform to integrate it in the following paths


Every link I found on Sierra website leading to Android RIL returns 404 error infortunatly.
I can’t find the paths you specified on my android device and the readme.txt provided with qcserial.c and qmi_wwan.c states that I have to generate the drivers binary but no specific information is provided :

Sierra Wireless USB Drivers
Supported Product Families (based on chipset): SDX65, SDX55, 9x50, 9x30, 9x15, 9x07 

How to Build the driver
run "make" to generate the driver binaries: qcserial.ko, usb_wwan.ko and qmi_wwan.ko

How to Install the driver
1. run "make install"
2. reboot

Note: Linux kernel may not load driver if secure boot is enabled in BIOS. 
Secure boot need to be disabled in BIOS and reboot.

Thanks for your support so far

you need to contact distributor if you need to get Android RIL package

You need to ask the BSP provider on why common/drivers/usb/serial is not provided.

I bought my module on amazon like 90% of the people on this forum so I messaged the reseller but I don’t expect anything much.
I checked on Android Studio on an emulated Android 10 device provided by Google and the “common” folder does not appear either in the device root folder.

Sorry if I am misinterpreting any information

where is the kernel USB driver folder?

To be honest I don’t really know as I can find multiple files/folders called USB all around.
Is this the folder you are reffering to ?


Maybe this path is more accurate :



Or maybe :


Or :


Here is an example

This post doesn’t explain where the files are located and how to enable the drivers :

I can enable option and usbserial drivers at /sys/bus/usb/drivers; however, how to enable qmi_wwan at /sys/bus/usb/drivers?

I don’t have any option or usbserial inside /sys/bus/usb/drivers
Again here is the content of the folder :


I added the following at the file: imx8mq_ima_gki.fragment

And I added the following at the file: imx_v8_ima_android_defconfig

And I added the following at the file: SharedBoardConfig.mk

Where are those files supposed to be ?
Sorry for my lack of understanding

no idea why your Android souce code does not have those drivers.
Here is an example of hikey board which has the USB driver