Installing EM7430 Card on a Android 6.0

Hi All

I have never had to do any hardware level work on an Android device before so I am a little lost

I am trying to upgrade the card in a device that is running Android 6.01

I have downloaded the zip file from the sierra site and quickly discovered it is not as simple as a windows device.

Has anyone done this before that can give a little guidance?


you can have a look on this document on page 21:,-d-,1-ril-integration-guide/#sthash.YwN7ONAv.dpbs

Thanks for your reply, but I have no idea what I am looking for on that page
Is it not just a matter of loading drivers as it would be on a windows based machine?

It says SierraFWDI7xxx is an executable, do I need to create a script running that file with the options that are listed below?

You can try to run it in adb

sorry what does that mean??

I have never tried to install anything like this on an Android device so total newbie

you can read this:

BTW, can you take out the EM7430 module and upgrade in Windows platform?