EM7455 frimware upgrade on Intel tablet based on x86

Hello Team,

We are using Intel tablet with Android x86 platform. I want to upgrade my EM7455 firmware with latest release and I have downloaded latest firmware (Linux binaries), Is it possible to upgrade, If yes please provide me steps to upgrade EM7455 to latest release. I have below questions:

  1. Is there any way to flash the firmware from the tablet itself(any specific binary or something)?
  1. If it is possible using Ubuntu host machine, then please provide the steps for the same.

Thanks in advance.


  1. Please download “AirPrime - Android RIL Integration Guide v1.4.pdf” and see the section “Firmware Image Download on EM74xx”.

  2. Please use the QMI SDK and use the “\SampleApps\Firmware_Download”.

Hi @jyijyi,

Thanks for the quick response.

We have checked the integration guide you suggested and we already have SierraFwDl7xxx command inbuilt. which is used for firmware download. I have applied this command on my tablet. But the firmware is not upgrading, it shows “No Firmware download needed!”. Below are steps I followed.

1.stop ril-daemon-qmi
2.SierraFwDl7xxx -m 9x30 -d -p /data/fw -s 2
3./data/fw consists of .cwe and .nvu images (which are latest linux binaries download from sierrawireless.com)

SierraFwDl7xxx_log.txt (1.1 KB)

And I am also sharing the response of the command [SierraFwDl7xxx -m 9x30 -d -p /data/fw -s 2] . So please suggest me to upgrade firmware.

QMI SDK also does the same thing right? FYR, we are using Android Oreo 8.1 running on x86 platform.


Didn’t you already have that image in the module?


Please do the following, it should work:

  1. Download the QMI SDK lite.
  2. extract the binary through which you can download the FW (In your case, please use fwdwl-litehostx86_64).
  3. Copy the extracted binary to your tablet.
  4. Apply the command to download the FW to the modem, please refer the README file inside the package for the command.

This is an easy way to upgrade the modem firmware. Let me know if you still face the problem.


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Hi @Hardik,

Thanks for providing the steps.

It is working and the firmware of modem is upgraded. Thanks !!!