Upgrade firmware mc7455 remotely



Is there any method to upgrade MC7455 remotely?

Thank you,


Hi Tony,

Refer to below, MC7455 compliance with AirVantage, if configured properly it should able to perform firmware upgrade remotely.

If for some reason or you are using older version, maybe you can consider to implement firmware update feature in your host application to download the binary and perform firmware upgrade locally?



Hi Lotam,

Can you show me how to upgrade the firmware remotely? by windows executable or linux binary file?

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Hi Tony,

If your host is Windows, you should able to download the oneclick .exe to update the firmware.
You may implement your own app to do it automatically and remotely.

For Linux, please make use of Linux QMI SDK so your app can download the binary then launch the firmware download API/tools.

You can obtain the FW for Windows oneclick exe and Linux binary below:

SDK for Linux, which include sample application (sample code and pre-compiled exe) for firmware download, i.e. SampleApps/Firmware_Download:

If you consider using Sierra AirVantage platform, please register your own account and follow the instruction.