MC7304 - can't upgrade firmware

Hello ,
I’m trying to upgrade my MC7304 to

when I use the QMI-DIP program - it’s working I get " Modem configured correctly… "

but when I try to run the firmware I get :
Firmware download failed
error code:82 - failed in checking modem mode

what is the problem?

From which FW you are trying to upgrade??
Did you try on linux??


Hi Alex,

Do you know how to upgrade the firmware by linux binary files? Please share with me the instruction?

Thank you,


To upgrade using Linux and the binary files you need to use the QMI interface and API’s. There is a pre build application to do this in the QMI SDK at the below link. I have also attached an example of how to upgrade an MC73.,-d-,00,-d-,03/

MC73 upgrade success.txt (8.4 KB)