Firmware upgrade for AirPrime modules


We are using AirPrime (MC74xxx) modules on vxWorks.
We are looking into implementing FW upgrade on a vxWorks host.
Is it possible to get documentation or source code for the firmware upgrade.

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Hi Dmitri,

You can use the QMI Linux SDK sample application “Firmware Download” to implement the FW upgrade .
Below mentioned is the link to get the latest SDK:,-d-,00,-d-,11/

If you are facing any issues, please contact your Technical support in SWI to provide you the solution.

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Thank you for your reply.

I looked at the SDK and it does not include source code for the Firmware download. We are running vxWorks on our system, so we will not be able to use precompiled Linux libraries.

Is there any way we can obtain source code for MC74xx firmware download?

I believe we have an NDA signed with Sierra Wireless several years ago.

Thank you,
Dmitri K

You can always peek at the liqmi implementaion: … are-update

It’s Linux centric in the way it uses /dev/cdc-wdmX and /dev/ttyUSBx devices, but the actual download code is simple HDLC over USB serial and should be easy to port to vxWorks. Or anything else. You’ll need some way to issue the QMI requests, but I assume you already do that for the normal modem control?


Thank you for the link. It is very helpful.
We do use QMI messages to control the modem, so that should not be a problem.

Once again thank you for your help.