PLEASE firmware packages for MC7710

firmware packages for MC7710 HOW terminal please write new firmware MC7710 ubuntu 22.04 LTS HOW please help

can you upgrade in Windows?,-d-,05,-d-,29,-d-,03_qmi/#sthash.jhAsOskw.dpbs

If you must use the linux, you need to use the old linux sdk, see section 5.4.5 in the following document:,-d-,0/#sthash.9bzX1qtN.dpbs,-d-,0/#sthash.9bzX1qtN.dpbs

And the new one should be unlocked for T MOBILE in order for you to use Linux and what should I write the terminal and where and what step by step

did you read the document?
you need to install the driver and run the sample application firmware_download

Gobi Driver:,-d-,42n2,-d-,64/#sthash.ETCRoc3o.dpbs


how to write terminal what!!! please

  • Create a link to the source dir with a version number(easier versioned driver updates):
sudo ln -s /usr/src/SierraLinuxQMIdrivers SierraLinuxQMIdrivers-S2.42N2.63
  • Register the module with DKMS:
sudo dkms add --verbose -m SierraLinuxQMIdrivers -v S2.42N2.63
  • Build and install the module:
sudo dkms build --verbose -m SierraLinuxQMIdrivers -v S2.42N2.63
sudo dkms install --verbose -m SierraLinuxQMIdrivers -v S2.42N2.63
  • Check status:
sudo dkms status --verbose -m SierraLinuxQMIdrivers -v S2.42N2.63
  • Get rid of the DKMS setup in case it’s a pain:
sudo dkms uninstall --verbose -m SierraLinuxQMIdrivers -v S2.42N2.63
sudo dkms remove --verbose -m SierraLinuxQMIdrivers -v S2.42N2.63 --all
sudo rm -fR /usr/src/SierraLinuxQMIdrivers\*
  • Update older versions of modules(remixes install and cleanup instructions above):
# Remove old versions of drivers from all kernels
sudo dkms remove SierraLinuxQMIdrivers/S2.42N2.62 --all
# Update source
cd /usr/src/SierraLinuxQMIdrivers && sudo git pull & cd ..
# Move old driver version link to correct version number
sudo mv SierraLinuxQMIdrivers-S2.42N2.62 SierraLinuxQMIdrivers-S2.42N2.63
# Alternative syntax for dkms commands
sudo dkms add --verbose SierraLinuxQMIdrivers/S2.42N2.63
sudo dkms build SierraLinuxQMIdrivers/S2.42N2.63
sudo dkms install SierraLinuxQMIdrivers/S2.42N2.63
sudo dkms status --verbose SierraLinuxQMIdrivers/S2.42N2.63

how to please new fixed Linux QMI Driver S2.42N2.64 how fixed MC7710

did you read the document?

Error! DKMS tree already contains: SierraLinuxQMIdrivers-S2.42N2.64
You cannot add the same module/version combo more than once.

problem fixed connect not signal card wwan please help not singal not connect network TMOBILE

Are you using this firmware?,-d-,00,-d-,11,-d-,00_qmi/

you might also need to check this page about the USB product ID:

next help fixed all fixed please all

MC7710 T-Mobile approved firmware SWI9200X_03.00.11.00 QMI

HOW fixed terminal ubuntu fixed help

I don’t understand what you are talking about
do you want to download SWI9200X_03.00.11.00 in Ubuntu?
If so, you need to read the document in section 5.4.5

But how should I do it, write the terminal exactly because it didn’t work out, the network still doesn’t want to appear, something is wrong with the firmware, we have a DELL E6410 card connected under the board and what should we do, we have an Ubuntu system and I have to write the terminal there to get 5G and the latest system, speed, speed and we have also a 3GP problem that needs to be fixed, something is wrong

Mc7710 is not 5G module …
What is 3GP problem?

What firmware are you using for your mc7710?

3GPP | imei: '358178042438756'

| enabled locks: 'none'

| operator id: '22601'

| operator name: 'Vodafone RO'

| subscription: 'unknown'
From ubuntu LTS terminal 22/04/03
here’s the problem, no signal, no signal, I left the settings and connected, but the Internet access won’t work, it’s just missing, something’s wrong
| registration: 'home'

Our IMEI is OK, but the rest does not appear at all, only FIXED quality all the time, etc., something and older versions, someone did it in the firmware

Do you have the AT command port enumerated in ubuntu?