WMP100 and R7.45 firmware

Hi, all

I loaded the modem with 7.45 firmware.
I also built some application code and trying to load it on the target. I am using AT+WDWL command to do so.
Here is what happened so far:

  1. Upgraded WMP100 to R7.45 using AT+WDWL and from console.
  2. Tried to load my application. Xmodem starts and immediately shows error counter of 1. Nothig else happens.
  3. I tried to load my application using DWLWIN (loaded produced .wpk file). This worked, but modem now constantly resetting with following error on console:
    Fault 04 00000000 !

Now, I obtained .WPK version of R7.45 for WMP100 and loaded it with DWLWIN
I then tried to load my application using XModem and nothing happens. No data is being transferred at all – all counters stay at 0.

Same binary is happily loading on FXT-003 running R7.45, so I know my binary is OK.

Anyone had some luck running R7.45 on WMP100 with custom application?


Is this your own WMP100 board?

If so, has it ever worked before?

Beware of making such assumptions!

You may be right, but it is quite possible that there may be some “issue” in your binary that just happens not to cause any visible problem on the (particular) FXT-003 - but does affect the WMP…

I have used a custom application on a WMP100 with R7.45, didn’t seem to have any problems.

Note that R7.45.1 and R7.46 contain important bug fixes with respect to GPRS bearers in some countries, so I’d recommend upgrading to R7.45.

Have you tied your boot pin to 1V8 to put the WMP100 into bootload mode? Try this:

  1. Unpower the WMP100
  2. Connect BOOT to 1V8
  3. Hook the UART up to the PC (use baud of 115200 to be on the safe side).
  4. Press start on DWLWin with the correct firmware selected
  5. Power the WMP100

The firmware download should start. If it does not, looks like there is something wrong with your WMP100 or memory!

OK, further investigations show something interesting.

The problem is in how WMP100 estimated flash size.

Done so far:

  1. Made “hello world” from scratch and it works.
  2. AT+WOPEN=6

Added large static array to “hello world application”. Total binary size is now about 700k. This loaded and run fine

  1. My binary is just under 500k. This will not load. Changed flash memory allocation with AT+WOPEN command:
    Now I can load my binary.

This suggests that my binary contains something that causes WMP100 to overestimate flash memory usage. Simple, but large “hello world” fits in without problems. Smaller, but more complex application does not fit.


I think I found what is going on.

.dwl files are compressed. When I looked at the map file, i realised that my code segment is over 800k while .dwl file is under 500k.