First time setting up a WMP100


We just received a a development kit for the WMP100, along with a dongle (sentinel).

Currently, we a re struggling to load the firmware into the flash of the WMP100, (because as far as I understand, before downloading my own program via the Xmodem, i have to download a firmware, right?)

So, i downloaded DWLWIN, set it up, ran the command “DWLWIN.EXE regserver”

Then i downloaded the R71 firmware from this website.

I put my development board on the BOOT mode, and try to load the WPK file in the R71 firmware folder.

The process starts, but keep attempting, again and again… and never works…

What am i doing wrong?


Hello ikalogic,

You’re not doing anything wrong. You just miss a step.

When you press “START” in DWLWIN, that’s fine ! Then you just have to press the reset button after on the development kit. This will initiate the download process.

I am having the same problem but with a prototype PCB that has absolutely nothing in it.
I get the impression that one or two e2p files must be loaded into flash before the wpb file.
Does anyone know filenames and the load order for version 7.1 firmware?
I know how to use DWLWIN.I’m just unsure what to load and in what order.
Any help appreciated!
Eddie :open_mouth:

It’s all packeged into one file with v7.1 - so that all becomes irrelevant, doesn’t it… :question:

We havn’t been able to get very much info on DWLWIN.
There are several files in the zipped 7.1 firmware.Trying to load the wpb file by itself resulted in error message:
“unexpected data”.
We successfully programmed w.eep,wmp100.eep and the wpb file into the wmp100 with
DWLWIN in that order but,when the download was complete,we could not do simple AT commands with
hyperterminal.It appears that we still don’t know kow to use DWLWIN or we have a very strange PCB bug.
Since we can download,the serial port/UART1 link obviously works.The flash also obviously works.I suppose
RAM also works(at least some of it) to be able to download the code.
Into a completely new unprogrammed WMP100,I think you have to load at least one eep
file and probably more before the wpb file.Bear in mind I am NOT :question: talking about the
Wavecom development PCB.I am talking about a prototype PCB with completely
unprogrammed WMP100.It does not appear to be irrelevant!

Hopefully the problem is solved.
When using DWLWIN to download code to a prototype PCB that contains
an unprogrammed WMP100,you need to have a USB dongle installed.
Wavecom support said we should have received dongle with our development
kit but we didn’t.We will order one and hopefully our problem will fly away with the
sparrows.Happy July 4th to those who celebrate it.