WMOi3 instructions

I am trying to find more documentation on a WMOi3. I found a manual on the mainly describing the hardware configurations. I am searching how use the alarm management and the interfaces on the unit. I am not able to identify which family it belongs to and if open At works on it. TIA

I found the exact model # directly from a nice gentlemen at Embedded Works, Santa Clara

http://www.s193925491.onlinehome.us/Wavecom/WMOi3_UG_14.pdf WMOi3_UG_14.pdf

http://www.s193925491.onlinehome.us/Wavecom/WMOi_kommandon_gprs.pdf WMOi_kommandon_gprs.pdf

http://www.s193925491.onlinehome.us/Wavecom/WMOi3A-G0919_ALL.zip Firmware and app notes

I do have a qustion too - where does oen get the latest firmware for WMOi3? At the moment I am at this level:

420_09gm.2C 1171736 042301 17:30


But the links that you provide do not relate to that exact model number!
Nor to the device shown in your rather fuzzy picture.

In particular, the Fastrack Supreme is ver different from the WMOi3! :open_mouth:

The WMOi3 was discontinued a very long time ago - even its replacement is now obsolete!

You will have to speak to your local distributor very nicely to see if they can help you as a favour.

Hint: to get a good picture, try putting it on a scanner…

My bad, I posted the wrong links :frowning:. Updated original post for WMOi3 and the latest firmware I have!

Thanks a lot. This is really a good start. Now I can get the knowledge what I have in my hands. Ulrik :slight_smile: