Still poor availability of downloads on new developer site


See previous discussions here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1854

There is still poor availability of downloads from the ‘Products’ pages.
eg, here is the list of available downloads for the Fastrack M1306B:

  • Where is the Current AT Commands manual (see viewtopic.php?f=30&t=2141&p=7909#p7909)
  • Where are the AT Commands manuals for previous firmware versions?
  • Where can previous firmware versions be obtained, for existing projects that require them?
  • Where are the plug-ins?
  • Should there be a CMUX driver?
  • Where is the Development Toolkit?
  • Where are the Demos & sample code?
  • Where are the Application notes?
  • Where are the FAQs?

As this product is superseded by the Fastrack Supreme, it would be useful to include the “Deltas” document under the M1306B


Similarly for the Fastrack Supreme:

  • Where is WIP in the plugins?
  • What about other plugins?
  • Where are the Drivers?
  • Where is DWLWin?
  • Where are the Demos and sample code?
  • Where are the Application Notes?
  • Where are the FAQs?

Since some of the documentation relies upon details of the internal Q2687 module, it would be helpful to provide a link to its documentation.


Exactly, and look at this article:

"Wavecom sets new standards for embedded wireless design launching Open AT® Software Suite 2.0 "

It was one week ago, but the OASIS final release is still not available from the download section. If it is available, why can’t it be put on the download section? So what is the meaning of “launch”?


Huh? 1 week ? Don’t think you are newbie to Wavecom, but it is normal that the actual product come out few months after those “paper launch”… :laughing: