How view last firmware in wavecom website?


I want know, what a last firmware for wavecom fastrack supreme and if this modem have a wipsoft installed for default…

I want know what a last version for Open AT and where i can download…

The version available for download from the Product page is always the latest version - it’s trying to get hold of previous versions that’s the difficult thing!

No, WIPSoft is not installed as standard - if you want it, make sure to specify it when ordering!

Where is download for last firmware? … ck_Supreme

Note the banner that says, Log in to view the full content of this area

Did you do that?

Once logged in, go to:

Open AT Software Suite > Software Development Kit > Official Release

There you will see:

  • PRN_Open_AT_Firmware_R7.3_Preliminary_Release_Note.pdf (1.45 Mo)
  • R7.3_00-cus-Q26-01.wpk (1.45 Mo)

That’s the Release Note, and the actual firmware file.

Then please visit the Developer page, and use the Feedback link to let Wavecom know how they could improve this!

Im sorry but this does not work for me (perhaps this is outdated)
i logged in with my name and password but i can not find anywhere
a *.dwl firmware :frowning:(. Can anybody help

But in Fastrack M1306B not appear anything.

How i know what last firmware for Fastrack M1306B?

Try clicking ‘Archives’ in the top-right corner of the panel…

Again, you should give feedback to Wavecom to explain your experiences with using their website.

If you provide feedback, it might improve - and you might benefit from that in the future - but, if you don’t bother to give feedback, then it certainly won’t improve.


Did you log in with your Developer username and password? The Developer site uses a separate system to the forum - so your forum username and password won’t work.

ciao, Dave

How i can register developer?

unless you became a registered developer through the developer site system. because that also provides you with a forum registration using the same credentials.