Where is the R7.4 AT Commands Guide?

The latest firmware download shown for the Q2686 is: R7400-cus-q26-02.wpk
But the latest AT Commands guide is only: AT_Command_Interface_Guide_Open_AT_Firmware

So where is the R7.4 guide :question:

(and the R7.3 guide, too, for that matter)

And the Release Note for R7.4 just says, “Under construction” !! :angry:

How can it be possible to make a Firmware Release with no Release Note available?! :open_mouth:

Where did u look …??? check in the Q26 Extreme Downloads section in Wavecom site and i am sure you will find it… :smiley:

I looked under Q2686.

You’re right - I did! :smiley:

But I’ve looked again under Q2686 - and it’s still not there! :confused:

When Sierra Wireless have finished changing the colours on the website they can hopefully get on to sort out this mess! :unamused:


I found my copy inside the OpenAT 2.30 exe bundle.

  • Download the exe from the Developer website.
  • Run the exe
  • In the Autorun window that opens, click on Explore CD. A file explorer window will open, displaying the unpacked directory structure
    [list][*]Firmware contains the OpenAT commands guide, along with the XMODEM downloadable firmware images
  • Plugins contains all the plugins doco and sample files
  • OS contains the ADL doco and samples
    ]Copy the folders as desired, as the originals will be cleaned up when the Autorun application is closed.[/*:m][/list:u]

This is basically the same info that was installed by previous versions of Oasis/OpenAT (2.20 and before). I suspect that this is all installed under the M2M studio installation - but it’s so deeply buried in the Eclipse structure that I gave up looking. In my opinion, it would be nice if this stuff (at least the docs and samples) was also installed by the wavecom installer.

ciao, Dave