WMOD2: no echo characters typed

Hi, I’m a newbie with these modems.
I’m actually working on an old WMOD2 GSM modem.
I usually type “at” then I press Enter (WMOD2 usually sends me the echo on typed characters), so I see on Hyperterminal window:


(I work with no echo on characters typed locally)

On a second WMOD2 modem I type “at”: I don’t see the “at” echo, but I receive the OK answer.
On a third WMOD2 I have the opposite: I see the “at” echo, but I don’t see the “OK” answer on Hyperterminal.

I suppose it could be an AT command to set this behaviour.
Is it real or something wrong with modems?

ATE1 enables command echo - this is a standard AT command, common to all modems (not just GSM).

Ok, thank you very much.
I finally found a WMOD user guide and I found all the AT commands.
Now it works.