Command input with no at prefix


I’m interfacing a logger. Normally the logger just send data, and you can specify a simple protocol (I’ve used at-), but it also have command interface. The customer wants to access the command interface remote over GPRS, and then comes the problem.

I can’t make the logger use the at prefix when replying to the 1306 modem. Even if subscribe to all messages using:

(adl_atCmdSubscribe("", (adl_atCmdHandler_t)METMonitor_cmdHandler,

I still have to use the at prefix, eg “at the lazy programmer jumped over the foxy lady” works fine, but not “the lazy programmer jumped over the foxy lady”. I really need this to work, does anybody know how?


Hi glennik,

I don’t think it works like that in AT command mode.

All AT commands should start with AT, that’s why they are called AT commands :wink: If you don’t start with AT the modem might not even consider the input at all depending on the core firmware version…

Also, I have seen a core firmware version that removes “unnecessary spaces” which you maybe wouldn’t consider unnecessary…

However, you could switch the port to data mode. Then you are allowed to send anything you like and you would receive exactly that. Check the flow control service, I think that’s what you would need for your application.

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I agree with Jan - you need to put the port into data mode, and use the Flow Control Managed (FCM).

Don’t be put off by the name - “Flow Control Manager” has nothing really to do with “Flow Control” in the normal RS232 sense (XON/XOFF, CTS/RTS, etc).

The Flow Control Manager is what handles serial comms in Open-AT - that’s what you want!