Simple AT command flow

I have a VERY basic (and short lived) project requiring a microcontroller to post data to an API through the serial port (UART). All I need to do is hit a URL with the data as a single parameter in the URL. I’d like to use my existing Raven XT (Verizon) and simply use AT commands through the serial port. I can configure the port as I want, seemingly open the connection using ATD, but from there I cannot find a simple example to hit the URL and receive a text response from the server (it’s a simple OK or FAIL reply). Can anyone assist in the data flow for this? I’m expecting:

[set dial to a domain name on port 80 (HTTP)]

[open the TCP connection]

[not sure what to do here. I need to hit a PERL script at an address similar to http://domain/cgi-bin/]

[Output response from server to the serial port]

[complete the transaction]

[close the connection]

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

Well, from your syntax, you’re opening a remote connection on TCP port 80, so your serial device would be talking to the domain on port 80, the connection is established by the modem. What your controller exchanges with the destination wouldn’t really be related to the modem at this point, this would be determined by your controller and remote server.
Obviously the modem would be responsible once again when bringing the connection down after your exchanges.

I’d think its up to your microcontroller to execute a perl script, your modem will simply transport the exchange.