WMOD2 AT codes and reset

hi all

I have two WMOD2 GSM modems, one is brand new and the other was purchased from ebay.

The brand new one seems to work fine, but the ebay one is exhibiting different results from similar actions.

As an example, in hyperterminal, the used one is not echoing typed commands, whereas the new one is.

I want to use these for sending SMS via the PC.

I think the used one has been setup to a certain configuration and I need to do a factory reset of it to get it to the same as the new one that I have.

The other option is to somehow get all the setting from the new one and set them all manuall in the used one.

Is there a utility that will allow any of this to be done or is there a document somewhere outlining the AT commands that I need to use for this.



What do you mean by “brand new” - the WMOD2 has been obsolete for years!! :open_mouth:

Where did you buy it? Didn’t you get any documentation with it? Have you askedthem?

Have you tried contacting the seller?

That’ll be just the ATE setting…

The commands for doing that are pretty standard!

Of course there is a document that gives a full description of all the supported AT commands!

Look on the ‘Products’ section of the Wavecom site - but, because these are so long obsolete, there’s probably nothing there :angry:

However, the commands you’ll need are pretty standard and won’t have changed (much) - so you should be able to use the latest version.

Or ask wherever you bought the “brand new” unit.

Or google…


new unit was from e-bay. Even though it i obsolete does not mean new units don’t exist. This also precludes the e-bay seller from being a resource for the problem. Thats what makes them so good for the app in mind, cheap and available.

I have the SMS stuff sorted out, just need to get this used modem responding the same way the new one does.

The Wavecom site has nothing at all for this box and Google came back with nothing useful, hence I have come here to ask the experts.

I’ll see if I can find some AT commands


Remember to factor-in the cost of finding support when you call them “cheap”… :astonished:

As I said, the basic commands like command echo, restoring factory defaults, showing settings, etc will be the same as in the current firmware on the current products - so just look-up the AT Commands Manual for one of them! 8)

Support is not an issue, its for a project at home.

I found an AT manual and I have managed to get it working the way I needed.

Thanks for the help