WMOD2 AT commands and user guide



I have one WMOD2 Modem.
I am looking for it’s datasheets, AT commands and any available documentation
also I need to ask what’s meant by “GPRS compliant”, Dose GPRS already implemented on it?
Dose have a TCP/IP stack on it?

Hossam Alzomor


But you yourself referred to its datasheet in your earlier post: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3731

Have you actually tried google?

Have you looked on the Wavecom Products page - under “Obsolete Products”?

No you don’t!
You’ve already asked - and received the answer!

Why do you doubt it?

Why would it say “GPRS Compliant” if it didn’t actually do GPRS?!

Probably not.


Hi awneil,

you can find attached the documents I could found for this modem.
I googled for it and searched for datasheets on the Wavecom forum

If you have datasheets or AT commands , share it with me.

Hossam Alzomor



PDF extensions are not allowed
but you can find them in the following links
cognitivekipple.com/store/WM … rGuide.pdf
ajilimojili.iespana.es/ciencia/p … _wmod2.pdf

Hossam Alzomor