WMOD2 GPRS compliant


in the datasheets of WMOD2 I found that it’s GPRS compliant.
What’s meant by GPRS compliant?
Dose it support GPRS? Dose it have At Commands for GPRS?
Dose it have TCP/IP stack?
If I need to make a TCP/IP link using this moded How to do this?

Hossam Alzomor

If it is “GPRS compliant” that means that is does support GPRS.

How else would it “support” GPRS?!

What does that datasheet say?

Look at any generic examples of using a generic GPRS modem…


Thanks for reply.
I am worried about the word complient it seams that something is missing and needed to get GPRS working.
If you have any documentations PLS. send them to me.

Hossam Alzomor

Why does that seem so to you?

You do, of course, also need:

  • A GPRS-enabled SIM
  • A valid GPRS subscription with your service provider
  • To be in an area with GPRS coverage