WirelessIDEA Plug-ing Package not compliant with SDK Profile


Hi everybody,

i try to write an application using the WirelessIDEA. However when i try to create a WirelessIDEA Project i receive this warning:

“This package WirelessIDEA Plug-in Package (1.0.1510.I201103021459) is not compliant with the selected SDK Profile Open AT Embedded Software Suite”

i try to ignore this but it seems to be the problem that my application didn’t run on my Module Q2686G.

Please tell me how i can solve this problem???



Make sure you are using Firmware version 7.45, OS 6.35. Also make sure that your modem has been updated to 7.45


thanks for the answer. everything is as you said but nothing gets better.
one more question: i use this code via WirelessIDEA in my program:


but there is nothing when i let my program run in the target mode (im sure the programm really downloaded and running on the target). how can i print anything on the console of the target??


See new thread: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/helloworld-sample/5047/1