helloWorld sample

hi all,

i try to let the helloworld sample of WirelessIDEA run on my Q2686 but on the console i dont see any thing e.g. Hello World.

Is the code “System.out.println(“Hello World”)” wrong or cant it print a String to the console so that i’ve seen nothing? What should i do to simply see “Hello World” on my console ? thanks a lot.


Sorry for the late response.

All the log from “System.out.println” will not output to Console.
It will output to Traces via ADL Trace Level 1.
Please make sure you already enable the Trace.

You can go to “Remote traces configuration” and select ADL level 1 and 3 to see all logs from WirelessIDEA.

If still have problems, please paste the Traces in your side, we can help further investigation.