When the 'hello world' tutorial doesn't work. Q2676 CPU


Being a new user to the deleopment package “Wavecom Open AT Software Suite v2.02a” and having the delopment Kit I am trying to get started with the Hello_World sample code but im not having a great deal of success.

  • First of all does anyone know where I can download the latest document “TU_Open_AT_3-02_Tutorial_-_v6.pdf” for this software suite, if not,
  • Has anyone managed to get the hello_world project to build and debug under this suite and if so can you tell me how to start right from using the “Open AT Project Wizard” using the Eclipse IDE.

One problem I get as soon as the Eclipse application starts is a Hello_world “Pathenty” error showing in the Problems output window.

The other problem I receive is a “warning: passing argument 4 of ‘adl_tmrSubscribe’ from incompatible pointer type” in line 98 of the C sorce code.

Can anyone Help

Thanks in advance