Begining with a Q2686H

Hi all,

I am a beginner with OpenAT on a Q2686H development board.

I have first played with OpenAT vV400.a03, but had troubles because of missing files (see … hlight=a03 for example).
Indeed, I couldn’t have the “Hello World” sample compiling.

I now have OpenAT v4.10. It’s better, but I am still unable to have it working.
I could compile the project creating a VC++ 2003 project with the “Open AT Project wizard”. BTW, creating an Eclipse project doesn’t work automatically (see … ht=eclipse who has the same problem).
I couldn’t solve that problem but made a hand-made Eclipse project following indications of … ht=eclipse

Now, I have a .dwl file (and also have the pre-compiled one in my C:\OpenAT\OS\4.10.10\ADL\samples\Hello_World\bin folder) but can’t make it work on my target.
I uploaded it (using the Commands->Download Open AT in Target Monitoring Tool) but when I want to run it with AT+WOPEN=1, my target seems to be stuck and never says the “Hello world” in the trace).

When I power it on, the Flash led and the “ring indicator” led now blink since boot time. Most of all, my target doesn’t respond to AT commands any more.

I had several Q2686H CPUs, but now, 2 of them are stuck and I have never seen anything working so I am quite worried with trying my last one.

Would you be so kind to tell me a way to “de-stuck” the board (at least to have it responding to my AT commands) ?

And after that, what I am missing to have it working ?
Regarding that point, I have a question : the AT+CGMR told me that I had a B61something firmware, but the OpenAT installation includes a C61b firmware. Is this incompatible ? I don’t have the necessary tools to update the firmware for now, so please tell me if this is compulsory.

Thanks in advance for reading that stuff (and for answering it if you can … :wink: )


I made a mistake in my post : the version given by the “AT+CGMR” was “B60j”.

So it seems that it was indeed incompatible. OpenAT 4.10 needs 6.61 firmware.

I was able to update my firmware using the dwlWin tool given by my resaler. There wasn’t other solution to de-stuck the device.

So now my device (all my chips) answers AT commands and the “hello world” works in RTE and in target mode.

Thanks to those who took time to read my post.