I am not able to run my application as well hello world eg


I am new working in openAT. So far i have been working in V2.10. Q2400A.
Now V3.12 on 2406B. When i tried to run the hello world example it dint.
here are the traces i got:

Trace L3RR 1 Unable to find the string of the remote trace in the file (ID = 4102)
Trace HWL 1 Arm exception 1 12c09f0 900

My Ati3 response is as follows:
643c09gg.Q2406B 1371016 093005 13:23

Exactly where i am going wrong. Is it the compatibility thats goin wrong? or any other thing?
plz suggest me.

thanks in advance
regards priya

Hi priya,

I think 643 is still the core firmware for OpenAT 2.10 in the module. Do a AT+WOPEN=2 and it will tell you which OpenAT version the core firmware is for. If you would like to use OpenAT 3.x on that module, you will need to flash the core firmware that comes with it into the moduleā€¦

Best Regards,