Problems with OpenAT 2.12 / 3.44 for Q2400A RoHS new flash


We are experiencing quite some trouble with the “new” Q2400A…

We would like to use the following software because our major application development started with OpenAT 2.0… (Porting to OpenAT 3.x is not an option at the moment, since there are incompatibilities that would need major adjustments in our application…)

344_09gm.Q2400A 1372584 012406 11:46
+WOPEN: 2,"AT  v02.12"

Now, when there is no application loaded (just the core firmware as it is) it does behave strangely on at+wopen commands (in our device or on a starter kit):

at+wopen=1 turns the module off!! That did not happen before with older versions (e.g. OpenAT 2.0 or 2.1c). You will then get the OK after pushing the ON button for about 2 seconds.

at+wopen=1                      --> module off
+WOPEN: 2,"AT  v02.12"
at+wopen=0                      --> module off

after at+wopen=0 the same thing happens.

This is really not good for our application, actually it totally messes with our automated update tool which can’t function when the device shuts off on every firmware update related command… (by the way it does that also when at+wopen=4 is used when an application is loaded)

Of course it doesn’t really matter what the module does when there is NO application loaded… But it will do the same with an application loaded! I just used this scenario to confirm that the behavior is NOT caused by our application.

Another thing is that when our application is running, you can not stop it with


It keeps running!! But you may stop it with


(Needless to say that in the previous releases of OpenAT this just worked fine, too…)

Will there be a fix for the problem that the module turns off? Or was this actually done on purpose? It really will cause us a lot of trouble so I hope to hear some good news!

AT+WOPEN=0 wouldn’t be that critical, as long as we know about it…

Best Regards,

Hello? Hello?? Hello???

Somebody out there?

Everybody already switched to the new and so much better OpenAT 3.x or to another module with OpenAT 4.0???

I’d love to switch, but there have been changes that are screwing up our application which would need major development on already released projects. That can’t be true!! How can Wavecom release a core firmware that has so obvious BUGS??? (I took me less than 5 minutes to see that something’s very wrong here.)

I thought Wavecom has elaborate qualifiying / testing / releasing mechanisms that things like that shouldn’t even get released!


Maybe some good fellow from the engineering department reads this (I truely hope so…) and sees that there should something be done about this mistake!! You don’t have to admit it here on the forum, but PLEEEEAAASE fix it…



Just to keep you updated: I found that this

is fixed in 344a09gm.Q2400A 1375060 051506 11:14 (OpenAT 2.13).

This one is not:

(As I said it’s not that critical anyway…)

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Hi Jan,

I have never been using OpenAT v2, but I have two remarks / questions for you :

  • are you sure the OpenAT application is present ? usually AT+WOPEN=2 gives two answers, the core software lib and the open at lib, e.g. v3.03 v3.03. In your case only one version is listed

  • if you download your applications through the terminal / Xmodem protocol, a simple mistake like wrong open AT version versus firmware can make your game over for this method.



Hi pelimon,

Thank you for the idea! I just checked again if I did use the right OpenAT version to compile and got:


+WOPEN: 2,"AT  v02.13","AT  v02.13"


So I think this should be OK…

But I found another thing:

When the application is switched into this mode:

wm_atIntermediateSubscription ( WM_AT_INTERMEDIATE_TO_EXTERNAL );
wm_atUnsolicitedSubscription  ( WM_AT_INTERMEDIATE_TO_EXTERNAL );
wm_atCmdPreParserSubscribe    ( WM_AT_CMD_PRE_BROADCAST );

the lower case “at+wopen=0” works fine.

But it does not when we set:

wm_atIntermediateSubscription ( WM_AT_INTERMEDIATE_TO_EMBEDDED );
wm_atUnsolicitedSubscription  ( WM_AT_UNSOLICITED_TO_EMBEDDED );
wm_atCmdPreParserSubscribe    ( WM_AT_CMD_PRE_EMBEDDED_TREATMENT );

(which is the standard mode for our application.)

And as I mentioned before, with older versions of OpenAT it worked in both modes…

Best Regards,