cannot download applicatio, transfer cancelled by remote sys


I bought 3 new Wireless CPU Q2687

and I am still using Q2686. I downloaded and install OpenAT Software Suite v2.01. My problem is that I cannot download any application to Q2687/
sending files after typing at+wdwl, I got:

transfer cancelled by remote system. How to solve this problem?

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It looks like you’re using firmware 6.63 but you’re trying to load an application compiled against firmware 7.1 (or similar: I don’t know the exact firmware in SDK 2.01). So, you either need to upgrade the firmware in your modules to 7.1 or you need to use an older SDK.

Thanks Matt for answer,

I would like to install an older SDK. The SDK I can get from website is v2.21 How can I get the older one?

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When you’re at the download page, look in the upper right corner of the page for an “Archive” link.

Thanks a lot! I have downloaded and intalled. It is working.


Have you managed to find a SDK for this 663_09gg ? ACcording to my research, it would require a SDK version 4.21b to 4.24b, and none of them ar available form :frowning: