Wireless CPU type option-firmware download


I have Fastrack Supreme 20, it has Q2687 CPU. While updating with DWLwin i am confused which CPU to choose. Should i choose R73a00_full_fsu001.dwl or R73a00_full_fsu002.dwl or R73a00_full_fsu003.dwl or R73a00_full_fsu004.dwl or R73a00_full_fsu005.dwl or R73a00_full_q2687h.dwl or R73a00_full_q2687g.dwl. I chose R73a00_full_q2687h.dwl and i downloaded the Hello_world sample into the Fastrack Supreme but when i type AT+CFUN=1, it justs OK , it does not diplay the “Hello World from Open-AT” string.
When i typre ATI3 (or at+cgmr) it says

R73a00gg.Q2687G 2094168 032009 12:40

How can i solve this problem ?


Did you start the application with AT+WOPEN=1 :question:


Thanks a milliom awneil.
I redownloaded the firmware but this time i chose R73a00_full_fsu005.dwl and when i typed AT+WOPEN+1, the “Hello World from Open-AT” string is diplayed every 1sec. Thats fine

I have another problem. When i’m downloading Open AT software suite v2.20 or v2.21, there are only two options to choose when downloading: M2MStudio and CMUX. There is no IDE nor OS nor Firmware nor Plugins. How can i solve tis problem ?



See my reply here: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3465&p=13114#p13114

ciao, Dave