Wired Ethernet connection to internet

First off I apologize for my lack of knowledge in Ethernet communications (I am the project lead, not the programmer). I am working with a customer who wants to put a GX440 unit in a metal lined room (part time). They are worried about 4g reception and wanted to know if we could hard wire it to the Ethernet port to ensure internet connectivity. I believe the GX units have a fixed IP and are not designed to communicate over this port. We are using AAF to read several sensors and record/display data via airvantage. Is there any way we could get this to work, or do I need to output the data over serial, and then convert?
Thanks for your help.

You should use the GX feature named Reliable Static Routing (RSR) described in ALEOS 4.3.5 configuration user guide (downloadable at sierrawireless.com/Support/Downloads.aspx). This features allows you to redirect a given traffic through Ethernet link instead of default cellular link. If Ethernet link is down, it will automatically redirect the traffic through the cellular link.
Please notice that in addition to RSR, you may also want to change the DHCP configuration of the GX (also described in the ALEOS user guide) depending on the IP configuration of your Ethernet network.

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