Wired Ethernet configuration


In ACEmanager we can configure a fixe IP adresse/netmask and a DHCP server.

How can i configure LAN in dhcp client ?

Can i configure LAN settings like DNS or proxy in ACEManager or ALEOS ?

Can i change the network settings via ALEOS ?


PS: I use a LS300 and a GX400

Have a look at the latest userguide:
source.sierrawireless.com/~/medi … de_r1.ashx

P.111 / Chapter 5 should provide all relevant details about configuring your modem through Acemanager
P. 117 will provide the specifics on changing the modem’s local ip (or the default gateway of a computer attached) as well as the Starting and Ending IP Pool.
P. 140 describes provides Global DNS setting options

The above is to configure network settings in Aleos for the specific modem. How you change these setting on a client is determined by the client host you are using. There a different methods for different clients, like Windows, Linux or hardware devices. Consult with these vendors for more information.

If you have additional questions about your device, check with your reseller for more information.

Have a nice day.


Thank for the reply.

But the doc doesn’t say how to configure the LAN port in DHCP Client or how I can change the gateway.

I want my ALEOS program use the LAN port to connect to internet by default on different configuration (DHCP, Fixe IP, proxy) how can I do that ?