Aleos Web Server

I would like to make use of the embedded web server in our deployed Aleos devices. Items like a custom local WIFI/Ethernet landing pages, also the ability for our user to change selected settings would be great. I cannot find any documentation on this application. Has anyone else tried this??


Would you like to write a new web page served from your AAF application ? Or are you referring to another ALEOS feature ?

I was think a generic “landing” page (similar to the Acemanager page) that could display some device stats and also some information from a local file or better yet data from a persist table that my AAF app updates. I would also like users to be able to update data in a persist table from a similar “landing” page.

The goal is to be able to locally(through ethernet or wifi) manipulate/view variables that my AAF app uses.

I wasn’t sure if my AAF app needed to “serve” the page… or if I could just add files to the embedded webserver that serves up Acemanager and connect to my page using a different port??

OK So there is an undocumented/unsupported feature that is a Lua web server. You can use it to serve web pages from your AAF application. It supports static pages, and Lua Server Pages.
You can look at the source code if you are interested (a version is available here: … luafwk/web)

Other than that it is not possible to customize the Landing page or AceManager UI.

BTW, In ALEOS you can configure a landing page, but for Wifi only. Basically it redirect to a given URL. You could probably redirect to a locally served page through the AAF Application. This would require some tweaking though, I recommend that you contact your local FSE if you need specific support for that.